Senior, Medior & junior Umbraco developers

We are currently looking for a Senior .Net core developer in Kathmandu area Nepal


Senior, Medior & junior Umbraco developers

We are looking for a dedicated developer who wants to dive into Umbraco full-time.
Developing for Umbraco is not *only* working with the best open source CMS in the world, its much more! 

You will be working on and with :

Umbraco packages

Both Open Source and commercial. Enhancing 1000's of websites with your skills.

Azure integrations

Like membership and AI. Bringing sophisticated functionality for our customers and packages.


Integrations and exchanges via API's. Making Umbraco talk with anything we can imagine.


Working with Headless Umbraco : Heartcore. Setting up Umbraco as the heart for any applicatione we like.

Umbraco Core

Participating in the Umbraco Core development. On weekly basis you will be in touch with Umbraco's finest to make 'best even better.


Software is also a people's business. All our products have direct input on people. So we aim to make people happy, and develop relevant solutions.

Work must be fun.

We believe the best products come from happy people. Work will be fun, and the pay will offer you immens stability. We are a compact growing team and you, as senior Umbraco developer, will be the heart of the company. We do not expect you to be a lead to the team (yet) but a real code-crack. 

Yes, I want this great job!

We offer

  • A very nice job, with a lot of freedom
  • Handsome starting pay NRP 90K+
  • A 50% increase of salary after one year of proven skills
  • Official Umbraco certification after one year
  • Health Insurance
  • 30 days of personal leave
  • Possibility to work from home
  • (overtime on voluntary base if you want)

We ask

  • Hands-on mentality
  • Time investment in Umbraco knowledge
  • An open mind, helping us to improve
  • Dedication to grow and develop our Umbraco business


We do

  • Everything to keep you happy and productive
  • Keep our promises
  • Value your opinion and input
  • Treat you like an equal
  • Love Umbraco!

With us you can have a real career in online businesses, communication,  Umbraco and .Net development. We will make sure to help

you get the required skills. When you have been with us for few years, you will be able

to move in all directions. Also for a great career abroad.

1. Making Friends

The first month or so, you will get acquinted with Umbraco. Not just the 'software' Umbraco, but the entire community and Eco-system. From day 1 you will start contributing tot the open source core of Umbraco. The best way to meet the people and make friends with the code they make. We will train you with hands-on small items, UmbracoTV and so on.

2. Work..., grow!

After getting settled you will dive, and dive deep, into Umbraco development. You will build, learn and enjoy all facets of this great open source CMS. Your input will help us build better solutions and open new oppurtunities.

3. Be Friendly# be free

You have found your place and build valuable contributions for our customers and the Umbraco community. You are financially stable, in a job you love with people that respect you. You share the love. You are Friendly#

We are always on the lookout for :

  • part-time / full-time Umbraco testers
  • part-time / full-time Umbraco developers
  • part-time / full-time project managers
  • part-time / full-time content managers

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