Before you can decide you want to work on Umbraco, you need to experience the quality of the product and the friendliness of the community.

Melvin van Rookhuizen

Melvin van Rookhuizen

May 02, 2023


So, you are interested in Umbraco? 

Below you will find some hints and tips, we will keep updating.

Umbraco training 

Umbraco has their own Umbraco TV training and certification. 

There is also Paul Seal’s channel, that that is the most efficient one there. 

Umbraco community 

A big part of the community is the online communication of Umbraco MVPs,  developers, and HQ.  

The community is super supportive of the members, and you can ask any question and you will get help. You can find the answers to most of the questions there: 


Umbraco original channels on Twitter

People to follow on Twitter 



Umbraco uses Slack a lot to streamline its development. There are public channels (and private) where communication about the HQ core development is managed. 

Following this keeps you updated and in the loop.