Since Umbraco 12's release, we've upgraded five older sites from version 7 for just 2300 euros each. Upgrades start at 2000 euros per site, offering a cost-effective way to enhance performance. Better safe than sorry, so to speak. 

July 11, 2023

An Icon of a calendar marking the demise of Umbraco V7


Since the release of Umbraco 12, we have already migrated five older websites from Umbraco version 7 to Umbraco 12. These websites have been around for over six years and needed a modern makeover.

You might be wondering if this upgrade was expensive. The good news is, it wasn't! Each website's upgrade cost only 2300 euros. This covered everything needed to make sure the websites work well with Umbraco 12 and look fresh and up-to-date.

Moving from Umbraco 7 or 8 to Umbraco 12 doesn't have to cost a lot. We offer this service starting from just 2000 euros per website. It's a cost-effective way to improve the websites, making them faster and more user-friendly for today's internet. 

When migrating websites, it's crucial to consider SEO strategies. For example, in our article on URL Rewriting Middleware in ASP.NET Core Explained, we discuss the importance of proper URL rewriting to maintain SEO rankings during such upgrades.

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