What are the costs for an Umbraco website?

A custom-built Umbraco website typically starts at 10,000 euros with average agencies. We offer a basic website starting at just 2,300 dollars! (design not included) An affordable jumpstart for your extensive Umbraco project!

How much does the design of an Umbraco website cost?

With Umbraco, the possibilities are endless. Whether you want to reuse an existing design, customize everything from scratch, or use a standard template.

1. Use existing design

Perhaps you already have a website with a great design. We can repurpose and adapt it for a new Umbraco site. Of course, we'll make any necessary tweaks to ensure everything's just right.

2. Custome made design

A fresh and modern design. Provide us with the designs, brand guidelines, Sketch, Adobe, or Figma files, and connect us with your designer. We'll handle the rest from there.

3. Standard template

Often, the outcome of an expensive design process aligns with an existing template. That's why we frequently opt for a standard template priced at 15.00 dollatrs. Even our own website (this one right here!) was crafted using a template costing 19.99 dollars.

Or base websit is already very complete

We don't reinvent the wheel every time. And we certainly won't charge you for it each time. After all, many solutions are already on the shelf; your website isn't that unique in this regard.


News items featuring a lot of additional detail. Data-driven, archive capability, authors, sharing options, image galleries, and more

Event calendar

An events calendar with categories, duration, location, participant count, costs, and much more.


An overview and detailed page for all your team members, packed with numerous optional details

Jobs or vacancies

Everyone surely wants to work with you; this job listing page is simple yet functional.


An ultra-fast search feature that quickly and clearly determines the most relevant result.

Usome Umbraco Solutions offers value for money

We are a highly pragmatic agency, delivering maximum value for your dollar. (Or Rupee, if you prefer).

A lot of standard stuff.

Some components are common to all websites, so we don't charge top dollar for them every single time.

We dont have over-expensive consultants

Our rates for development are capped at 30.00 dollars and for consultancy, it's 50.00 dollars.

We dont have expensive offices

Let's be honest... isn't an expensive office space a thing of the past?

We don't sell fried air

No fluff, just action. We're practical, pragmatic, and productive. (the 3 P's)

We love hybrid work

We have to be since our team is in Nepal. But we also believe unnecessary travel is terrible for the environment, pointless, and a waste of money!

Affordable high-quality developers

Well, 30 euros per hour. So, not juniors at 100.00, but seniors at 30.00!

Our Umbraco Packages

Extensive login and logout features

Looking for SSO? 2FA? MFA? IP-restriction? Account request? Inactivity check? We've done it all.

Tag manager

We all use tags. Auto-complete, edit, clean-up (with a warning), pages based on tags... we do it all.


Our quiz features image questions, true/false questions, and more. With a result profile based on points earned.

Members dashboard

A dashboard with exclusive content and a profile-building wizard.


Who isn't familiar with the question and answer game? Will Max Verstappen be the world champion this year? 100% YES / 0% NO.

Marketing popup

It could be a simple notification, OR leave your email address and receive our exceptionally brilliant whitepaper. 

Scraper and AI

With the scraper, you can fetch content from other sites, and with AI, we transform it into original content. Both text and images!

Ads network module

Whether it's Google AdSense or another network, or even your own banners, we have the tool to display advertisements

Our target prices for building with Umbraco CMS

All websites and applications with Umbraco are different and we cannot give exact costs. However, we can give a cost indication.

Migrate existing website to Umbraco V12 of V13

A website with all the basics, such as a homepage, news, etc. Starting at $1500,00 including content migration.

Build new Umbraco website based on template

To set up a website with (for example) ThemeForest. The HTML is prepared. Costs start at $1500

New Umbraco website with custom design

We create HTML (CSS, React, Node, Angular) based on the provided design. Costs start at $3,000

Create a simple Umbraco package

As simple package like Tag manager, starting at $500.

More complex Umbraco package

A more extended package like our Popup package, starts at $1600.

Umbraco Magazine/Blog setup

With all features, such as advertising, members, and subscriptions. Costs start at $4,000.

Landing page/one pager

A simple onepager, landing page or holding page: starting $250