We provide offshore Umbraco developers from Nepal

Our freelancers are fluent in English and can seamlessly collaborate in your local or international team. We constantly coach our freelancers on team dynamics and intercultural communication.

Freelance developers

Our freelance developers choose to have more responsibility and freedom, just like in the Netherlands. However, in Nepal, things are quite different as vacations are not very common. So even though we have "freelancers," they are dedicated and committed for the long term. 

Development teams

We have teams ready to go, or we can have them ready to start within 1 month according to your preferences. A team consists of a scrum master, developers, and quality assurance. Since we only set up teams for the long term, the rates here are lower. We deliver teams starting from 8500 euros (3 full-time team members) on a 3-month minimal contract.

Our dedicate staff members

To ensure consistency, we also have our own employees on staff. This includes HR and project management. Not everyone wants to freelance; a stable income can be important. We pay these employees more than an average salary.

White label services for agencies

We are the force behind many products, without anyone knowing. We do not need to take any credits, you can do that yourself. We are happy that you can show off our quality Umbraco / .Net core work.

Better quality with extra resources

As the project pressure gets less, quality improves. Your team is happier, your customer is happier!

No project stress, happy customers.

Your customers will be pleased you meet your deadlines. And you can make even more customers happy than before.

No HR hassle, ready-to-go

No HR agencies, marketing, selection, contract negotiations, or expensive freelancers. Give us a call and we can help.

Fair compensation and added value for Nepal economy

We are particularly aware of our social obligation towards the people in Nepal. Therefore, we now operate as a collective with our company in Nepal. We ensure that the majority of the money goes to the employees and the Nepalese economy.

In this way, we financially support the Nepalese economy, but more importantly, we give Nepalese talent a reason to stay in Nepal and prevent brain drain.

We don't pay for incentive 'business trips'

As a customer, you are more than welcome to come and visit us. It is a really good idea even, and we receive customers on a regular basis. But this is not included in the costs.

It is highly valuable to see how things are done in Nepal and experience the culture. However, it cannot come at the expense of incorporating 5 months' salaries of the average Nepalese worker into our rates. You would have to cover those expenses yourself, and we also expect some greenwashing by donating to our green funds!