Students from less fortunate backgrounds often face significant challenges. Therefore, we want to help you by offering paid work, training, or even educational support. By supporting young developers, we aim to boost Nepal's tech industry. 

June 15, 2024

Love coding but stuck between textbooks and real-world projects? We feel you!

We understand the challenges students face, especially those who may be coming from less fortunate backgrounds. Financial issues, juggling responsibilities, and even a lack of access to proper resources can make it tough to bridge the gap between theory and real-world experience. That's why we value potential over experience – we believe in your talent! Whether you're new to the game or facing challenges as a student, everyone deserves a shot. We're looking for bright individuals like YOU to join our team. 

Here's the deal:

  • Get Paid to Learn: Earn while you code alongside experienced devs on real projects.
  • Bridge the Gap: Ditch theory and jump into practical IT work from day one.
  • Level Up Your Skills: We tailor your training to your strengths, making you a tech pro!
  • Join the Fam: We're a fun crew – enthusiasm matters just as much as skills!


We're especially interested in finding young people in less fortunate situations. We want to help you with paid work and training, and maybe even offer some support with your education. For us, it's great to have young and enthusiastic developers like yourselves! who are eager to learn and grow alongside us.  By nurturing young talent like you and fostering strong, long-term relationships, we aim to contribute to Nepal's economy and encourage talented developers to build their careers here in Nepal. Learn more about our careers and how to apply!