Looking for a powerful Umbraco website without the hefty price tag? Usome specializes in creating exceptional Umbraco and .Net solutions at competitive rates. Learn about the advantages of partnering with Usome for your next Umbraco CMS project, from flexible pricing to tailored packages designed to suit your needs.

June 18, 2024


At Usome, we specialize in creating high-performing Umbraco and .Net websites and applications at highly competitive rates. Our dedicated teams in Nepal ensure you receive exceptional quality without the hefty price tag. In this article, Explore further and discover the remarkable value and affordability of choosing Usome for your next Umbraco CMS project.

Competitive Pricing

A custom-built Umbraco website typically starts at around 10,000 euros with average agencies. However, we offer a basic website starting at just $2,300! This cost-effective solution provides an affordable jumpstart for your extensive Umbraco project. Design costs are not included, but we offer flexible options to fit your needs.

Flexible Design Options

With Umbraco, you have the flexibility to choose from various design approaches, each tailored to your specific requirements and budget:

  • Use Existing Design: If you already have a great design, we can repurpose and adapt it for your new Umbraco site, making necessary tweaks to ensure a perfect fit.
  • Custom-Made Design: Provide us with your designs, brand guidelines, Sketch, Adobe, or Figma files, and connect us with your designer. We’ll handle the rest, delivering a fresh and modern design.
  • Standard Template: Often, a standard template meets the needs of many projects. Our templates are highly affordable, starting at $15.00. Even our own website uses a template costing $19.99, demonstrating that high quality doesn't have to come with a high price tag.


Comprehensive Features and Packages

Our websites come with a wide range of standard features, ensuring you get the best value for your money. We offer detailed overview pages for all your team members, packed with numerous optional details. Our job listing page is simple yet functional, and our ultra-fast search features efficiently determine the most relevant results. We also provide comprehensive news sections with data-driven features, archive capabilities, sharing options, and more. Additionally, our event calendar offers detailed information, including categories, location, and costs.

Pragmatic and Cost-Effective Solutions

Many components are common to all websites, so we don't charge top dollar for them every single time. Our approach ensures that you pay only for what’s unique to your project. Our rates for development are capped at $30.00 per hour and for consultancy, it's $50.00 per hour. We provide senior-level expertise at prices that many charge for junior developers. We keep our operational costs low by avoiding expensive offices and embracing hybrid work. Our team in Nepal allows us to deliver high-quality services without unnecessary overheads.

Customized Umbraco Packages

Our Umbraco packages cater to a wide range of needs. We offer extensive login and logout features, including SSO, 2FA, MFA, and IP restrictions. Our comprehensive tag management includes auto-complete and clean-up features. We also provide interactive quiz modules with various question types and result profiles. Our members' dashboard offers exclusive content and profile-building capabilities, while our marketing popups provide effective notification and lead generation tools. With our scraper and AI, you can fetch content from other sites and transform it into original content. Additionally, our ads network module allows you to display advertisements from Google AdSense or your own networks.

Indicative Pricing

While each project is unique, we provide indicative pricing for common Umbraco CMS projects. Migrating an existing website to Umbraco V12 or V13 starts at $1,500, including content migration. Building a new Umbraco website based on a template also starts at $1,500 with prepared HTML. Creating a new Umbraco website with custom design starts at $3,000, including HTML creation based on provided designs. Simple Umbraco packages start at $500 for components like a tag manager, while more complex packages, such as our popup package, start at $1,600. Setting up an Umbraco magazine or blog with all features, including advertising and subscriptions, starts at $4,000. For a simple landing page or one-pager, prices start at $250.


In conclusion, at Usome, we deliver powerful, high-performing Umbraco and .Net websites at unbelievable prices. Our competitive rates, combined with the expertise of our team in Nepal, ensure you receive exceptional value for your investment. For more detailed information on the costs of an Umbraco website, visit our page on How Much for an Umbraco CMS Website. Contact us today to discuss your project and discover how we can help you achieve your digital goals without breaking the bank.