Calling all Umbraco fans! A fantastic meetup took place at Impact Hub Kathmandu, led by Umbraco MVP Robert Foster and his team. Attendees enjoyed a hands-on workshop on building a website with Umbraco, led by Rheannon Lefever (Umbraco's Training Team Lead), and a fun/learning presentation exploring Umbraco's history and its rise in popularity by Robert himself. Keep reading for a recap of this insightful and engaging event!

June 17, 2024


On June 2nd 2024, an exciting Umbraco Meetup was organized and hosted by Robert Foster, a renowned Umbraco MVP and certified master, along with his team. The event took place at the vibrant Impact Hub Kathmandu in Nepal, and it turned out to be a remarkable gathering for Umbraco enthusiasts. Pasang Tamang, a dedicated Umbraco Certified Professional and .Net Software Architect, ensured everything was in place to make the meetup a memorable occasion.

The highlight of the day was a comprehensive training session led by Rheannon Lefever, the Training Team Lead from Umbraco. Over the course of three hours, Rheannon provided detailed lessons on how to create a simple website using Umbraco. Attendees were able to gain valuable insights and hands-on experience with the platform. 

In addition to the training, Robert Foster gave an enlightening presentation on Umbraco and its history. His talk included humorous anecdotes about the various pronunciations of "Umbraco" around the world, adding a lighthearted touch to the event.

The meetup attracted a diverse group of developers and aspiring Umbraco learners. A young enthusiast, Junior Umbraco developer Bishal Timalsina shared his experience and I quote, "I've always wanted to attend an Umbraco event like this. It finally happened in Nepal, and it was a wonderful experience! I hope there will be more events like this in the future." The interactive nature of the event fostered an engaging exchange of ideas and knowledge.

After the formal sessions concluded, attendees enjoyed informal conversations, discussing their personal interests and hobbies. This relaxed environment fostered a sense of community and camaraderie among participants. The day was capped off with a shared lunch and a photo session to capture the memories.

Overall, the Umbraco Meetup in Kathmandu was a delightful experience, filled with learning, laughter, and new connections. It truly showcased the vibrant and supportive Umbraco community.